Workshop on Interactive Digital TV in Emergent Countries
At EuroITV 2010, Tampere, Finland
9th June, 2010

Accepted Papers

W1_1 - Development of an Academic Laboratory of Interactive Digital TV in Amazon, Objectives and Main Projects

Vicente Ferreira de Lucena Jr1, Waldir Sabino da Silva Jr1, Celso Barbosa Carvalho2 and José Pinheiro de Queiroz-Neto3

1University of Amazonas – Ceteli, Campus Universitário, Manaus – AM, 69077-000, Brazil, Tel. +55 92 3305 4680
2University of Amazonas – ICET, Campus Universitário "Moisés Benarrós Israel", Itacoatiara – AM, 69100-000, Brazil, Tel. +55 92 3521 3519
3Federal Institute of Education, Science & Technology, IFAM – Campus Manaus Distrito Industrial, Manaus – AM, 69075-351, Brazil, Tel. +55 92 3613 3530

W1_2 – China's IPTV Industry, Status quo and Trend

Zhen Yu GU and Lin GUI

Shanghai Jiao Tong University; 800, Dong Chuan Road, Shanghai City, China; Tel. 86-21-34204960

W1_3 – Interactive Digital TV Services in India

Rajendra Akerkar

Western Norway Research Institute; Sogndal, Norway; Tel. +47 91685607

W1_4 – Ginga Edutainer: A Framework for the Development of T-Learning Applications on Ginga – The Brazilian Digital Television

Newton Nyamasege Marube and Daniel Campelo Tavares

Federal University of Rio Grande – FURG; Center of Computational Sciences - C3; Campus Carreiros, Av. Italia km 08, 96201-900; Brazil Tel. +55 53 3233 6582

W1_5 – Interactive Virtual Worlds in Brazilian Digital Television

Daniel Campelo Tavares, Newton Nyamasege Marube, Silvia Silva da Costa Botelho and Nelson Lopes Duarte Filho

Federal University of Rio Grande – FURG Center of Computacional Sciences - Campus Carreiros, Rio Grande – RS 96201-900 Brazil Tel. +55 53 32336623

W1_6 – An Application Model for Digital Television in e-Learning

Paloma Maria Santos, Marcus de Melo Braga, Marcus Vinícius Anátocles da Silva Ferreira and Fernando José Spanhol

Post-Graduate Program in Knowledge Management and Engineering – Federal University of Santa Catarina, Campus Universitário, Trindade, Florianópolis/SC, Brazil

W1_7 – Conceptual Models for T-Commerce in Brazil

Bruno Cavaler Ghisi1, Guilherme Figueiredo Lopes2 and Frank Siqueira3

1Digital Convergence Center – CCD, CERTI Foundation, Caixa Postal 5053; 88040- 970, Florianópolis, SC, Brazil, Tel. +55 48 3239-2000
2Brava ECM, Av. Santos Dumont, 831; 3802-8300, Joinville SC, Brazil, Tel. +55 47 3802-8300
3Program in Computer Science – PPGCC; Department of Informatics and Statistics – INE; Federal University os Santa Catarina – UFSC; Florianópolis, Brazil, Tel. +55 48 37217748

W1_8 – An Alternative for the Interaction with Digital TV

Fábio de Jesus Lima Gomes1, José Valdeni de Lima2 and Rosane Aragon de Nevado1

1Computers in Education – UFRGS, Porto Alegre – RS – Brazil
2Institute of Informatics – UFRGS, Porto Alegre – RS – Brazil

W1_9 – The Importance of Digital TV for Countries in Development: a case study of Brazil

Hildegard Paulino Barbosa1, Julio Cesar Ferreira da Silva2 and Ed Porto Bezerra3

1MUS3-UFPB, 2LAVID-UFPB, 3UFPB - Cidade Universitária - João Pessoa - PB - Brazil - CEP - 58059-900

W1_10 – An Analysis of iDTV Appropriation in Developing Countries from the Users’ Behavior Involved in Community-Oriented Content Creation Process

Elizabeth S. Furtado1, Vasco Furtado2 and Edson Santiago1

1UNIFOR/UECE, 2UNIFOR/SETICE, Washington Soares,1321 – Fortaleza, Brazil

W1_11 – The Digital TV as another solution to educate in isolated areas in the Amazon State, Brazil

Lílian Simão Oliveira1, Maria da Graça Pimentel1 and José Pinheiro Queiroz- Neto2

1ICMC - Universidade de São Paulo, Trabalhador são-carlense Avenue, 400, São Carlos – SP, Brazil, Postal Code: 668 - CEP: 13560-970, Tel. +55 16 3373-9700
2IFAM – Instituto Federal Amazonas, Av. Gov. Danilo Areosa, SL01; Distrito Industrial, Manaus – AM, Brazil, CEP: 69075-351, Tel. +55 92 36133530