Goals and Topics of Interest

The main goal of this workshop, in its third edition, is to bring together researchers, educators, and industry related people working in the deployment of Interactive Digital TV in emerging economies. They are supposed to bring to discussion the adopted policies, technologies, state-of-the-art, middleware, content models, interactivity, and future applications in their countries.

The immediate goals of the workshop are:

  • Contributions that are ‘outside the box’ of traditional Digital TV services in emergent countries
  • Services, applications, and ecosystem in the wider context of audio-visual services
  • Media management, business models, and strategies of media companies
  • Discuss the state of the art of Interactive Digital TV in developing economies
  • Identify new applications that may benefit the life of people living in these countries
  • Define common characteristics of the adopted technologies
  • Identify topics of mutual interest leading to future cooperation partnerships
  • Discuss middleware definitions and interactive software development for Digital TV
  • Discuss content production and new copyright policies for Digital production
  • Define together special content and services designed for emerging countries

The participants of the workshop shall be interested in the following topics:

  • Policies, regulations, and standardization activities
  • Applications and services that are situated ‘outside-the-box’ of standard Digital TV applications
  • Breakthrough novelties, ideas, and frameworks for emergent countries
  • The State of the Art of Interactive Digital TV in developing countries
  • Interactive applications for Digital TV :
    • Educational Applications
    • Healthcare Applications
    • T Government
    • T Commerce
  • Characteristics of the adopted technologies
  • Middleware definitions
  • Interactive software development for Digital TV
  • Integrating Semantic Technologies with Interactive Digital TV
  • Content production and Copyright policies for Digital production
  • Return channel for interactivability of broadcasting standards (DVB, CMMB, DMBT, ISDTV)
  • Service deployments